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Tandem Skydive North Yorkshire

Get onboard and let’s go jumping when you sign up for a skydive in Yorkshire! This Bridlington drop zone is a real beauty with amazing views of the sea. Can you imagine how cool it’ll be to jump out of plane at 10 000ft right over the stunning coastline? You can? Well let us tell you more about it. This Yorkshire skydiving drop zone is offering you tandem jumps. These are by far the most popular activity they do as it means you can experience the amazing sensation of the free fall without having to train for days beforehand. As you are physically attached to your instructor with a tandem harness there’s no way you’ll be going anywhere solo so a 20-30 minute ground briefing is sufficient to explain what will happen on your skydive and what you’ll need to do or not do as the case may be. All that clear in your head as soon as you walk out of the briefing room the expectation and adrenaline kicks in and you completely forget what was just said. No panic the friendly instructor team here in Bridlington is always very good at constantly communicating and telling you what’s going on – which is also a very effective way to settle any pre-jump apprehension. As you your fellow jumpers and instructors climb aboard the Air Van (that’s the plane that takes you up that is different form normal light aircraft as it has a large side-opening door bay) nerves might start to get the better of you but the instructors do a great line in in-flight humour as you climb to 10 000ft above the Yorkshire countryside. Of course once the door is opened and the green light goes on it’s time to get down to the serious business of sky diving. All safety checks repeated it’s that moment. Lean out as far you can and away you both tumble. For around 30 incredible seconds you will experience the indescribable feeling of free fall before the main chute is deployed and you float gracefully down from around 5000ft. This is the moment you (and your eyeballs!) will have recovered from your life being in a spin for a few seconds and you’ll be able to appreciate the charm of Bridlington below you. As you come into land see if you can spot your friends and family who’ll have gathered to cheer your achievement. Yes that was the day you learnt to skydive in Yorkshire!

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