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Tango Taster for Two

Try something new with these fantastic Tango lessons! This is one of the rare dance styles where the lead swaps back and forth between the two dancers – hence the famous saying €˜it takes two to Tango’. And you will soon find out with these Tango classes that it really does take two of you to go tango-ing.You can find Tango lessons anywhere in the world these days but the dance has its roots in African and Spanish culture before it began to grow in popularity in Argentina’s underground social scene in the late 19th Century. Throughout the poverty-stricken streets of Buenos Aires dancing Tango became such an outlet for emotion that it stamped its place in history as one of the most impassioned and sophisticated dancing styles ever. Now it’s your chance to take part in this heated dance with these exciting Tango lessons for beginners.During your Tango class professional dancers will teach you the exotic moves that have become the most popular export of Argentina. You can learn Tango as a couple or individuals as participants can pair up and rotate during the session. These fiery tango lessons are perfect exercise and entertaining too as each couple swings their hips with dramatic flair the calories will be burning up as you sizzle on the floor.Although watching the pros leading their Tango lessons make it look intricate and rather flamboyant it is a lot of fun and there are easy to learn step-by-step ways for each novice pair to master the evocative dance. During these taster classes you will spend around 45 minutes on the floor as part of a group which will allow sufficient dancing time for each pair.So get ready to recreate the thrilling dance that took South America by storm on your Tango lessons. Tango has certainly been immortalised in popular culture from 007’s sultry dancing to the Addams Family literally setting the dance floor aflame with passion. Each Tango class is a game of seduction that is waiting for you!

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