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Tank Battles in Leicestershire

Attention – take part in our Tank Battles in Leicestershire! Tank driving in itself is good fun but with this battle experience you’ll actually take part in full on combat kicking off in the heart of Leicestershire as your team of three crews a tank to attack the enemy – too much fun! That’s right  you’ll be going into a military warzone (albeit with paintball gear!) using 17 tonne FV432 armoured personnel carriers to battle against one another. This venue has an amazing 15 of these sturdy army APCs and all have specially modified cannons capable of firing 40mm paint rounds. In essence you’ll be testing your driving and shooting skills to the max. You will be working as a team of three commandos with a mission. Each person will learn how to drive aim the cannon and load the breach. Getting all the appropriate gear on is very much part of the war game so you’ll be wearing your military uniform and kevlar helmet as well as being fitted with a radio headset so you can talk tactics with your tank crew before you go on the offensive. As you are learning on the specially built obstacle course you’ll soon appreciate just how agile these fully tracked machines are. Whilst you and the troops are training you will drive the FV432 with the hatch open so you can literally see where you’re going as your head is outside the vehicles. But when it comes to getting into full operational mode the hatch closes and it’s communication by headset and driving using the periscope – a whole different battle game! Once you are able to successfully operate the FV432 APC tank it’s time to let the tank battles in Leicestershire begin. Your trio will engage in full on armoured paintball warfare against an opposing team. It’s all about settling your nerves to work together to drive load and fire. So who will drive who will load and who will fire? Just one gift idea from over 1000 gift ideas brought to you by IntotheBlue.  

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