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Target Training Cambridgeshire

Get target shooting in Cambridgeshire within your sights at this family-run shooting range! Conveniently situated on the main A1/A14 Cambridge trunk road this is your classic farmland shoot within over 165 acres of rolling countryside. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to shoot on target at this Cambridgeshire range.We are offering two types of target shooting in Cambridge. Both can take place on all-weather ranges so rain most definitely won’t stop play. You have the choice of air rifle shooting or replica rifles and pistol training. Both require a good stance concentration and skill. Luckily this range has some of Cambridgeshire’s finest target shooting coaches on hand to help turn you from a mis-fire mishap into a spot-on shooter.The air rifles used here in Cambridgeshire are your standard CO2-powered air guns. They all have telescopic sights which if you’ve never shot a gun before you will be taught how to use. What’s great about these sessions is that unlimited shots are included so there’s no need to hold back when you’re on stand and shooting. During your one hour session you’ll learn the basics then progress to fun target challenges.For the one-hour replica rifles and pistols experience it does exactly what it says on the tim. You’ll learn how to handle and fire replica weaponry. There are reproduction assault rifles and pistol handguns too. Some of the best-known models feature such as Glock 18 pistols and AK47 rifles. Of course they’re most definitely not real and even though they are electric airsoft weapons shooting bb pellets they still pack a punch. Some can fire up to 15 rounds per second.And what makes this shoot stand out is the electronic target training system. It allows you try loads of different shooting modes from €˜fastest shooter’ to €˜seek and destroy’ which will test your shooting speed and accuracy. What we love about all that electronic gadgetry is that it gives your target shooting in Cambridgeshire a little bit of a competitive element to it. Let’s see who turns out to be the sharp-shooter amongst you!

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