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Team Gladiator Assault Course

Forget Maximus and Commodus in their packed-out Roman amphitheatres this is the Gladiator Assault Course in Devon! Take on all manner of noble challenges at this picturesque outdoor adventure centre near Dawlish and see if you’ve got the strength and will of a fighting fit Russell Crowe! Admittedly when you turn into the rather idyllic tree-lined driveway at the entrance to this Devonshire venue there’s little sign of the gnarliness that is to come. In fact it all seems rather green and lovely as the trees gently sway in the breeze and the birds sing€¦ All that is soon forgotten when you find yourselves going up over under and along a myriad of physical challenges worthy of a Roman fighter. As you scamper along sawn off tree stumps trying not to fall off into the mud scrabble up sheer wood walls as though your life depended on it and struggle through the swampy water you’ll be feeling incredibly motivated as your team mates cheer and encourage you on. The organisers here in Devon say it’s quite an achievement just to make it in one piece to the end of the course as it really is an assault on every muscle in your body. As Maximus said it’s all about ‘strength and honour’. The next day you might well ache in parts you never knew existed and you’ll have a whole pile of muddy damp clothes to deal with but it is so worth it for the euphoria of crossing the finish line. Just when you think you and your buddies have busted some serious moves to complete the course as a team it’s time to do it all over again! This time if you’re willing it’s all about setting a personal best time as you go head to head with all your comrades. If you make it around the course again with as few penalties as possible you might just make it onto the assault course leader board that takes pride of place in base camp. Facilities here are excellent You’ll be pleased to hear that after giving your all on the assault course this Devon venue does a nice line in hot showers and changing facilities. There’s even the aptly named Stagger Inn on site where you can enjoy a refreshing beverage fit for a victorious gladiator.

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