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Tiger Moth Shoreham

Our Tiger Moth in Shoreham flies out of this historic airport near Brighton and Hove the country’s oldest licensed public-serving airfield having first opened its runways to air traffic way back in 1910. You could say it’s harking back to halcyon days of flight! This Shoreham-based club offers you the choice of flying in a Tiger Moth or a Stampe. Both are classic vintage biplanes and the Belgian-built Stampe is actually based on de Havilland’s famous design. One difference is that the it has a tailwheel whereas the Tiger Moth has a tail slide. This means the Moth can only land on dry grass runways whilst the Stampe can use hard surfaces and grass meaning she can fly all year round. This particular post-war model was built in 1946 and served as a sporting trainer. The Tiger Moth is the oldest and longest serving plane here at Shoreham airport. She was delivered to the RAF in 1940 and was used as a trainer and communications aircraft under the serial number NM137. She headed to civvy life in 1948 again as a training plane before becoming un-airworthy. In 1991 a huge restoration project was launched and in 1999 sporting Southern Aero Club livery she flew again over Shoreham. This Tiger Moth now proudly sports the moniker ‘Spirit of Pashley’ named after Cecil Pashley the illustrious Chief Flying Instructor at Shoreham who flew more than 20 000 hours training budding pilots in his career. The setting at Shoreham is simply perfect for a Tiger Moth or Stampe flights. With the airfield’s fine art deco control tower it’s surely going to be a nostalgic day of flying. You will delight in being able to experience these magnificent flying machines capable of 109mph at 1000ft with their 120bhp DeHavilland Gipsy III piston engines. We are offering 15 30 or 60 minute flights in these iconic planes. Whether you choose to go up in the Tiger Moth from Shoreham or its closely related cousin you will have a sensational aerial experience over the West Sussex coast and countryside.

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