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Trapped in a Room with a Zombie Escape Experience

Prepare to get into a panic as you solve puzzles and clues under the threat of a zombie that’s creeping ever closer with this Zombie Escape Room Experience. From the moment you arrive you’ll be immersed in the experience, taking live (undead?) theatre to a whole new level as you become part of the show with a zombie that’s looking for its next meal/victim. You’ll have 1 hour to work as part of a team to find the key and get out in time, so remember to watch the clock: every five minutes the zombie you’re working to escape from will get a foot closer, and just one touch means instant death (though you can still shout help and solutions, because silence is no fun). Keeping a clear head is the best way to outsmart a brainless zombie, so try not to lose your focus each time the buzzer sounds signifying another five minutes gone! Move fast, think carefully and act like all of your favourite detectives to escape the room – we want the zombie to stay hungry (and eat the next guys to go in the room instead of you).

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