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Triple Target Challenge for Two

Aim at a trio of target shooting challenges in Bedfordshire! Will you be the triple hot shot winner when you and a friend have a go at three classic shooting sports at this renowned centre or will your shooting prowess take a knock when you misfire. Having said that the tuition here is just so good that you won’t be goofing up your shots and missing the targets for too long. The aim here is for everyone to have fun in a friendly and safe environment and that is evident from the moment you enter the grounds. This is a family-run establishment that is respected by experienced shooters all over the county for being well managed and boasting excellent facilities. What we love about this target shooting experience is that it is very comprehensive. You will enjoy three different sessions trying out archery clay pigeon shooting and air rifling during the two hours you’ll spend on site. Hanging about and watching is kept to an absolute minimum and it’s all about maximising your time with the targets in your sights. First up there’s archery. This is the arrow sport that seems to get everyone excited and attracts would-be archers of all ages. The dedicated 30ft range here is enough to challenge even experienced arrows men and women and the selection of lighter 18lb bows means you won’t be struggling to shoot on target but sturdy enough to ensure the arrow’s trajectory is ‘swift and true’. Next it’s time to head over to the air rifle section of this large 36 acre site. Gun in hand you will be shown how to look down its barrel. Steadying yourself on your feet trying to keep your breathing calm and regular the tension mounts as you take aim and finally release the trigger. ¬† A millisecond later you’ll be looking up to see if your shot was spot on target or not. What we like about this range is that as well as traditional static round targets you will get a go at drop downs too. Strike them once and they fall hit them again and they pop back up. Always guaranteed to raise a laugh amongst the group. Last but by no means least it’s the clays. Quite simply this is what this centre does best. They have most types of target here and the mature hedgerows and trees that demarcate each shooting stand create sheltered and almost hidden corners where you’ll be lurking waiting to pounce on the clay. You can’t help but to have noticed the two enormous towers that stand 150ft high above the ground and these are where group ‘flurries’ are launched from and if you get to participate in one these it is always the cause of much hilarity as you all line up in the hope of being the one to be the one right on target with your shot. This excellent combined target shooting session includes tuition from extremely well qualified and experienced instructors who know not only all there is to know about gun and arrow sports but also how to keep a group of novice shooters entertained so you have fun make progress and hopefully get that essential hand/eye co-ordination thing going so you aim fire and shoot with success.

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