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Two Person Brownie Heart Subscription

The cutest heart-shaped brownies delivered to your door! Two freshly-baked brownies will be carefully packaged up and posted each month. Whether you send them to a couple to be shared or you love them enough to let them eat both these wonderful heart brownies are a lovely gift to give.Each heart brownie is hand baked with love and neatly wrapped ready to be sent out by post each month. There’s no hassle with deliveries as they are cleverly designed to fit through your average letterbox. So just imagine. How pleased would you be if you got home after a hard day to find your little box of gooey goodness waiting for you?Now we all know the traditional chocolate brownie but did you know these squidgy hearts come in all sorts of flavours? What we love about these bakes is the fact that you can choose a different flavour for every month of your brownie delivery subscription. Go classic with the plain chocolate brownie give them gluten free go exotic with chilli chocolate or add some crunch with mint choc chip versions. All so so delicious!The lady behind this ingenious brownie delivery company is Sue also known as €˜Shortbread Sue’ thanks to her reputation for making delicious biscuits which have now led her to sending all sorts of baked goodies out by post. The brownies are a perennial favourite and loved by all ages. These twin heart brownie packages are really popular for sending to grandparents aunties and uncles parents and so on. After all who wouldn’t love a delicious brownie to enjoy with their cuppa?We are offering the choice or a three six or 12-month brownie delivery. The duo of heart-shaped brownies will be sent out once a month for the duration of your subscription to the address you provide. You can also add a little message with the first brownie gift box to make the delivery just that little bit more special for them. We really heart these brownies and think you will too.

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