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UK Go Karting

This is UK karting at it’s wheel-screeching best! Take a powerful kart around your choice of track from a whole range around the UK for a 50 lap extravaganza to see who is worthy of the title of king or queen of the karts.These thrilling sessions are at well-established go karting centres around the UK. Most are at least 400m long and boast some fab technical features such as flyovers multi-level tracks and a plethora of tricky banked corners bends and hairpins to negotiate.Karting tracks featured on these UK-wide vouchers operate either unrestricted 200cc petrol-engined Biz karts or the latest in electric karts. Both are the best in the business and capable of speeds of around 40mph. Indeed it’s all about offering the best karts the best tracks and the best experience. So what format do all these UK karting experiences take? We’d call it an endurance race as each driver is challenged with driving 50 in the fastest time. Glance up at the massive electronic scoreboard where your lap times are displayed for all to see (no pressure then!) and you’ll have an idea of how you’re doing whilst you kart round the track.Overtaking is most definitely allowed but you’ll have to have nerves of steel to hold that tight line as you head wheel-to-wheel with your fellow karters into that corner. Who will come out of it in pole position? It’s all about strategy busting a sneaky move here and there and keeping your cool out on the circuit.With centres dotted around the UK this karting voucher offers flexibility fun and superb track features as well as excellent trackside facilities. Get ready to run the gauntlet for 50 fast-paced laps and see who posts the best overall time to be the karting champ.

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