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Ultimate Chocolate Workshop

Surround yourself with swathes of the stuff on a delicious Ultimate Chocolate Workshop! Cocoa fans are in for a real treat with these two-hour chocolate making courses held in a boutique hotel in Bournemouth or a big business hotel in London where you’ll be hand crafting Belgian truffles galore.To tempt your taste buds workshops start with a look into the history of chocolate and the wonders of cocoa from bean to bar. From that point the experienced chocolatiers hosting you workshop will take you on a choc-filled journey creating delicious Belgian truffles from scratch using all those naughty-but-nice ingredients. After you’ve prepped and piped you’ll then be dipping your creations in chocolate before designing and decorating with your very own bespoke toppings. Will you stay classic by rolling them in cocoa powder? Or perhaps you’ll go for a bit of a nutty crunch to your sumptuous truffles? The choice is yours fellow chocolate fiends!A course highlight for us is the demonstration on chocolate tempering. This is the moment you’ll learn the secrets to give your choc that shiny glossy and smooth finish ready to dip your truffles into. Argh! It’s making us want to eat chocolate in vast quantities just writing about these ultimate chocolate-making workshops. And the fact that there’s a chocolate fountain permanently flowing throughout these classes isn’t helping. Just imagine being able to pop across to the free-flowing chocolatey goodness at any point for a cheeky dip. Simply divine. So divine in fact that you’ll probably want one at home.Sadly you won’t be able to take the choc fountain home with you but you will be leaving the chocolate kitchen with a pile of those fine genuine Belgian truffle chocolate sweets you made all by yourself. We think you’ll agree it’s a scrumptious way to end your ultimate chocolate workshop laden down with your handcrafted chocolate treats as you leave the hotel. Just make sure you don’t eat them all on the way home before any of your nearest and dearest can sample them!

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