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Ultimate Powerboat Day

Why limit yourself to just one high speed powerboat, when you could take control of up to three! Enjoy an amazing day blasting through the surf in three different high performance water craft with an Ultimate Power Boat Day designed to test your instincts and thrill your senses. You’ll begin your experience with the aptly named Thunderbolt. Built for speed and agility, this inflatable catamaran was originally designed for emergency surf rescue off the coast of South Africa, but as you take control of the wheel you’ll soon discover it has a fun side as well. Then it’s on to the zippy Honda 150 powerboat. Feel the grace and power of this highly responsive racing machine as it tears up the water at breath-taking speed. Last but not least you’ll step aboard the 450HP Jet Viper for the ride of your life. Featuring a Hamilton Jet drive that can outmanoeuvre any other craft, the Viper is built to seriously impress. Hold onto your hair as the experienced skipper demonstrates what it can do with a series of donuts, crash stops, side slides and spins. Each boat ride is preceded with a full safety briefing and you’ll spend up to 60 minutes in each craft on the water.

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