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Ultimate Supercar Oxfordshire

Drive five or four of the very best supercars on these Ultimate Supercar Experiences in Oxfordshire! A finely-tuned quartet or quintet of cars awaits you at the airfield track in Upper Heyford with a Ferrari a Lamborghini an Aston Martin an Audi and a Porsche all on the bill – but which one will take top place in your heart? If you go for the Awesome Foursome you choose four of the cars to drive whilst those on the Supercar Five have no difficult decisions to make – you simply get the sheer joy of driving them all. And as for where you’ll be taking this brilliant line up of cars out it’s a 1.5 mile long airfield-style circuit which is large enough and wide enough for you to let rip with the cars and feel their true power. Numbers on this driving day are limited so you should have space on the track to really put your foot down. If you’re a pretty nifty driver you could be reaching speeds of up to 120mph. First up is the Porsche 911 with that distinctive design which has been around in various forms since 1963. It’s one of the most enduring rear-engined super cars ever and we think you’ll love driving it. Next up are the Italians with the gorgeous Lamborghini Gallardo and the Ferrari 360. Both turn heads both cost an awful lot of money and are pretty impractical too but who cares when they look this good? Then it’s time for a bit of cool Britannia which comes along in the shape of the stunning Aston Martin DB9. We don’t think anyone has ever had a bad word to say about this car. It looks gorgeous sounds perfect and is lovely to drive. Meanwhile flying the flag for that ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ is the Audi R8. Moving away from the executive motorway cruiser market Audi has more than put a spring in the step of their R8 which is always up for a bit of a race around the track. We think these ultimate super car driving days in Oxfordshire offer a seriously indulgent day filled with sleek cars and screeching tyres that will have any fast car fan grinning from ear to ear. And even if you’ll probably never actually own one of these cars you’ll have great fun testing out which super car you would plump for first in the car showroom.

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