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Ultimate Tiger Moth Adventures

Take your aerial escapades to a whole new level with these biplane adventures from intotheblue.co.uk! If you’re looking for the ultimate Tiger Moth adventure you’ve certainly come to the right place as this operator at Old Sarum airfield in Wiltshire has a whole roster of fabulously themed flights that are sure to wow and amaze. Put simply you will get to see some of the most famous sights in the area from the air giving you a whole new perspective on things that just isn’t the same when you see it all from ground level. The best example of which are the white horses of Wiltshire. A centuries-old tradition carvings into the chalky hillsides look even more impressive when viewed from the air. This fight path is just one offered on these Tiger Moth adventure packages. If you’re a fan of the wonders of Mother Nature you’ll love the trip down to the Isle of Wight to fly over the Needles those bright white pointed rocks that have marked the westerly entrance to the Solent for brave seafarers since the very olden days! If you’re in exploring mode hop onboard and take a flight to lift the lid on the lost airfields of the New Forest from the air. You may not know that 12 wartime airfields were rapidly constructed during WW2 with the oak and beech trees providing ideal cover for thousands of allied troops based in the area. Continuing on the same theme how about a aerial visit to the hidden Ashley Walk bombing range? This tranquil part of the forest once rang out with the drone of heavy bombers practising before heading off on daring raids across Europe. Covering 5000 acres you would barely notice it from the ground but from the air you can still make out some of the submarine pens ship air to ground line wall and ship targets – and you can’t miss the Tallboy Crater! Heading inland now how about seeing lovely Longleat? Look down on the fine Capability Brown gardens the maze the safari park and of course the house itself as you take a gentle aerial cruise up the Wylye valley to this wonderful estate near Warminster. Don’t forget these are no ordinary flying adventures you will be taking off in a fabulous 1933 Tiger Moth – so you will get the ultimate in viewing as you’re in an open cockpit! And not only do you get to enjoy the vistas and fascinating things to see below you you can also have a go at the controls if you fancy it. Our biplane adventures all last around one hour and it’s up to the lucky recipient which flight path they choose. 

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