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Vintage Tiger Moth Flights Cotswolds

Wonderful Tiger Moth flights over the Cotswolds! Classic aviation comes to the beautiful Cotswolds with a whole range of flight durations on offer. Departing from Cotswold Airport just a few miles from Cirencester it’s going to be great views and great fun all the way! Back in the day this was RAF Kemble. The airfield was home to the No5 Maintenance Unit from 1938 and by the end of 1939 over 600 aircraft were based here in Kemble. The fleet included Tiger Moths just like the one you will be flying in today over the gorgeous corner of Gloucestershire. In those days it was young trainee fighter pilots who took to the skies above the Cotswolds to learn their craft – now it’s you!This operator has a trio of lovingly restored Moths in their collection. Charged with the enviable task of flying these historic aircraft is a team of highly skilled pilots. They’ve all got oodles experience  from flying modern jet fighters and air liners around the world to taking delicate warbirds out to fly-ins and air displays. No matter how many modern and classic planes they’ve flown amongst them all agree that €˜nothing puts a smile on a customer’s face quite like a ride in the iconic Tiger Moth’. We can’t say fairer than that!Indeed it’s amazing to think how much these beloved biplanes contributed in creating wartime heroes setting those courageous young pilots on the path to being ace fighter pilots. We think it’s time you experienced a bit of that for yourself which is why we’ve gone for the range of flight durations out of Kemble Airfield from 20 to 60-minutes to suit all budgets.You’ll prepare to soar over the Cotswold skies in your Tiger Moth by donning a traditional leather flying jacket with goggles. Then once installed in the front seat of the cockpit (for the best view!) you’re ready for take off. Give a hearty wave to your friends and family watching from the sidelines and away you go!

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