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Virtual Reality Spitfire Simulator

Take virtual flying to new heights with this high-tech VR simulator! Unique in the North East of England this flight sim operator has created a virtual reality Spitfire flight that’ll have you believing you’re a fully fledged RAF fighter pilot courageously protecting those British skies in the midst of the Battle of Britain.There you are dozing in a deckchair outside the hut. Suddenly the call comes in: €˜Dover 26 000. 50 bandits approaching from the south-east’. Time to scramble to your plane. Mae West on and the crew has already got the the engine started. Hood pulled over the cockpit there’s barely time to check the trim wheels or fuel tanks before you’re in position for take off bouncing along the grass runway.As you move into formation with the other Spitfires of your Squadron you try and think tactics. But out of the haze comes what looks like the whole of the Luftwaffe. Big heavy bombers at 2 o’clock flanked by the formidable ME109s. Keep your head moving check back and above for enemy aircraft. But how do you avoid the tracer fire raining down on you? The clattering of your own guns rattles your brain€¦This is a virtual reality aerial dogfight in full swing and you’re right in the middle of it all. You battle to control your Spitfire and go head to head with the Jerrys to try and foil the latest Luftwaffe raid on London. And yes it’s a VR game but boy does it feel very very real!The authenticity of these VR sims is made all the more believable by the fact that you’ll be sitting in a full scale replica Spitfire MkII cockpit feeling the sense of apprehension just like all those brave airmen and women of WWII. You’ll be fitted with a full VR gaming headset so every which way you turn your head you’ll see what’s going on in your Battle of Britain scenario from exactly the same point of view as the pilot.These VR simulator flights give you a thrilling new dimension to discover. Don’t forget these are just games but you will feel very much involved in your airborne mission. And of course if all that air-to-air combat is just too realistic for you you can take your VR Spitfire for a cruise along the coastline with no enemy bullets to dodge.

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