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Weekday Hot Air Balloon Flights

Float away over the lovely countryside with these best value weekday ballon flights! If you can make it on a mid-week date you’ll enjoy a fabulous hot air ballon flight for less. You get all the views all the fun and all the adventure without paying extra for going on a weekend.We are offering these mid-week hot air ballon flights from take off venues the length and breadth of the UK. There are around 100 of them so no matter where you are in the country there’ll be a balloon site somewhere near you. Flights are very much weather dependent but everyone agrees ballooning is well worth the wait. With these weekday flights balloons generally take off early in the morning and late in the afternoon as these periods typically offer the most clement weather conditions – and the best light in our opinion!You’ll be joined in the basket by up to 15 other passengers all eager to enjoy the sensations of ballon flight with you. Your pilot will be an expert balloonist who not only knows the workings of a balloon inside out they are also very knowledgeable on the places you’ll be flying over and excellent at putting nervous first-timers at ease. Even those who aren’t keen on heights will enjoy the chance to get airborne in a hot air balloon. Indeed it’s such a different sensation to anything else.What’s more you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like but most guests love getting involved at the start of their experience helping the pilot and ground crew inflate the balloon. And after a calm and serene flight prepare for some fun as you seek out a landing spot which could be in a stubbly field or a pasture recently vacated by cattle! It’s all very much part of the experience.Having helped pack up the balloon you’ll be taken back to your original take off spot. With lots of thanks spoken and goodbyes all done you’ll head off with a huge smile on your face. Time to reflect on the day you made the very most of your weekday balloon flight €˜stepping off the Earth for a while to see the world from a different perspective’ as balloonists say!

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