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Weekday Sunrise Deals

Looking for hot air balloon deals? The key to getting the best discount deals on hot air balloon rides is when you go. If you can make a weekday early morning launch date you can get a hot air balloon ride at rock bottom prices. We have a handpicked selection of sites offering sunrise rides in a hot air balloon for just £129 per person.These great value deals do mean that you have to be available in the mornings during the week to fly. And we’ll be honest it’s often a patience game with hot air ballooning as rides need optimal weather conditions to operate – but it is SO worth it when you do get airborne. Let’s tell you more about these discounted rides in hot air balloons…A meeting time at the launch site of something like 6am might seem harsh but this is honestly the best time of the day to ride in a hot air balloon. Nothing can beat a graceful ascension over the countryside as the sun comes up. It’s so quiet so tranquil and a real privilege to witness the world waking up from your aerial view in the basket.The deal with these rides is that as you and your fellow passengers gather the hot air balloon crew starts the inflation process. You’re very welcome to watch and take photos or you can actually join in and lend a hand as the pilot blasts the warm air into the canopy. Plenty of hands are needed to unfold the balloon and help tether it until the basket rights itself (as it starts on it’s side).Once all passengers are onboard and ready it’s time for the ride to begin. As the balloon is released it’s a slow gentle and serene take off. It has been said ballooning is not to be rushed and you’d have to agree. It’s all about peacefully floating along taking in the stunning views as you go. As away you go for around an hour’s flying in your hot air balloon the first thing nearly every passenger comments on is how green the countryside below looks.Remember to benefit from these hot air balloon deals you need to fly during the week at sunrise. The hot air ballooning season generally runs from April to October/November time and slots always book up fast so as soon as you’ve received your discounted hot air balloon voucher make sure you arrange a date to fly.

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