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Weekend Jetpack Experience

Just when you were thinking about giving up of your dreams of flying a jetpack completely. While it might not be flames blasting you skyward, this Weekend Jetpack Experience is still just about the most exciting thing to do in the UK. Your water-powered jetpack will have no problem sending you all the way up. You’ll don a fetching Jet Pilot wetsuit before your qualified instructor shows you the ropes as your training gets underway. Within your hour session you should hope to experience take-off, flight, turn and land. There’s nothing quite like this exhilarating experience, so if you’re bringing along any spectators make sure they don’t forget the camera as there’s going to be plenty of photo opportunities throughout. At the end of your session, there’ll be a chance to pose alongside your pilot and jetpack for a final photo or two. All guests are invited to stick around after their experience and continue to watch the day’s action.

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