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Whisky Connoisseur Experience with Tastings at Bimber Craft Distillery

Whisky lovers can take their tasting credentials from enthusiast to connoisseur with this brilliant experience from Bimber Craft Distillery, London. With its one-of-a-kind setup, Bimber uses only the best natural ingredients and traditional methods to create an outstanding range of award-winning craft spirits. Commence in style at the bar for a whisky cocktail before heading out to the distillery floor. Discover how these artisanal spirits are made, see how they mash, ferment and distil fine malted English barley in their alembic copper pot stills. All this fascinating insight is thirsty work, and you’ll be able to treat your palate to a selection of cask aged spirits, including: ex-Bourbon, ex-Sherry and Virgin American Oak, letting you see how different barrels influence the whisky as it matures.

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