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White Water Rafting in Teesside

It’s destination Tees Barrage for white water rafting with big thrills on this brilliant purpose-built paddle sports course! Created as part of the Tees Barrage project this white water centre sits on the north bank of the River Tees at Stockton on Tees. It’s an amazing piece of engineering that offers superb white water rapids with a flow that can be fully controlled.This is the North East’s premier white water rafting centre with excellent course-side facilities in the North Shore building that include changing rooms and showers (essential as you will be getting wet!). There’s also the Barrage Cafe on the top floor boasting great views of the site. In fact this white water rafting centre is actually one of the largest manmade courses in the UK. It’s all down to innovative features like the four huge Archimedes screws that are capable of pumping and keeping the water flowing 24 hours a day whilst the River Tees upstream stays at a constant level.Then there’s the ingenious use of RapidBlocs. These are special building blocks used in the construction of this world-class white water course that shape the flow of water making for a course full of characteristics like whirlpools and drops that experienced paddlers call €˜playspots’.All this means the white water levels here in Teesside are fully adjustable allowing varying levels of difficulty to be set. On these two hour white water rafting experiences you’ll start off gently and as you continue to do loops of the 300m Jubilee course the water will start to flow harder and you’ll have to increase your paddle power working as a team in the raft to conquer those rapids.What’s great about rafting at Teesside barrage white water rafting centre is that you won’t tire yourself out getting out of the raft and carrying it back up to the top of the course because there’s a magic carpet! This brilliant conveyor-belt system means you stay in the boat and glide back up to the start of the course giving you time to catch your breathe before launching yourselves back in the swirling white water for another thrilling run down.

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