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Wine Tasting Evenings

Forget lounging on the sofa in front of the telly get up get out and go on a wine tasting evening to tickle your tastebuds and help you discover and understand wines from all over the grape growing world! We think these wine evenings at venues dotted around the UK are a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. The team behind these soirees knows a thing or two when it comes to wine. Having many years’ experience in hosting tastings and events the experts here love nothing more than having the chance to impart their knowledge to eager students. And that’s where you come in. Whether you always stick to the safe bet of a Pinot Grigio or scour the aisles to find a bottle you’ve never tasted before we can all learn something from these classes. The world of wine is constantly evolving. Each year brings a different harvest so what was hailed as a classic fermentation one year might not be a wine to write home about the next season. This is also a key element of the class as you’ll learn which wines are good to keep in the cellar to mature and improve with age and which are best drunk straight away. Another subject most of us are unsure about is which wines go with which foods. Again this evening class will give you all the info you need to be able to pick the perfect wine with confidence – surely a skill that’ll impress loved ones on a romantic meal out as you show off your new found sommelier skills! What we love most about these tastings is that they are very relaxed evenings. You won’t be bamboozled with facts and figures that you feel you should be remembering. As you sip up to seven different vinos the host tells you all about it in a warm and entertaining way and we’re sure there’ll be a few anecdotes and ‘did you know’ stories included in there too. As for the venues on these wine tasting evenings they are all in really nice wine bars and restaurants with plenty of space to gather round your host. Group sizes for lessons are limited to 18 wine-loving students ensuring a more cosy and convivial atmosphere. All you have do now is get ready to get sipping from the delectable range of wine especially selected for you to try.

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