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Wine Tasting London

If you love wine but don’t know your Chardonnay from your Shiraz then an evening or even a full day spent wine tasting in London is the perfect vintage treat. During these convivial sessions you’ll learn lots about wine – from how it’s made to which bottle to choose to go with your meal. London with its cosmopolitan scene is unsurprisingly one of the most popular locations we offer for wine tastings and what a superb venue it is. Held at the sumptuous Danubius Hotel Regents Park each wine tasting session is led by experts from the wine production industry who have years of experience in the subtleties of good viticulture (winemaking to you and us) between them. We are offering a choice of three evening wine tasting experiences at this wonderful London establishment. ‘Matching food and wine’ shows you that wine appreciation isn’t just about liking the taste of wine (that’s the easy bit!). The real skill is being able to choose which wines go with which foods and this workshop will ensure that the next time you’re invited for a meal or are throwing a a dinner party yourself you’ll make the perfect wine choice. If you’ve ever wondered why there are three colours of wine how wines can be sweet or dry or even asked yourself why wines vary in alcohol content you’ll find all the answers on the ‘Demystifing wine’ London course. The third tasting workshop ‘Know your classic grapes’ aims to teach you how to identify the different qualities of various grapes. As well as well-known Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes this session looks at other varieties such as Viognier and Sangiovese. The distinctive flavours that some of these less well known vines bring to the wine tasting table are sure to astonish you and our fun and informative London workshop will leave you eager for more. Those picking the full day London experience will taste 14 quality wines from around the world that will be used as a basis to discuss topics including the basics of wine tasting how wine is made styles of wine wine’s ability to mature how to serve wine matching food and wine reading wine labels and identifying faults with wine.  Never again will you be left sniffing a bottle wondering if it is corked or make a faux pas by ordering the wrong wine with dinner! Spirits are sure to be high with such a sparkling array of wines and courses on offer so after your day or evening wine tasting in London workshop comes to a close and the night is but young why not keep the momentum going and head into London for dinner and maybe another glass of wine to taste?

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