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Wine Tasting with Lunch and Champagne

It’s the weekend so let your hair down and enjoy a Saturday of wine tasting! Leave washing the car mowing the lawn or whatever else it is you normally do when you’re off because this Saturday is going to be a day of decadence filled with sumptuous wines and tasty food! In fact the day will start in the best way possible with a Champagne aperitif as you and your fellow wine tasting pupils gather mid-morning on a Saturday for an informal yet informative full day discovering all about wines; from how they are made to where you should be storing your favourite bottle. As there is lots of time your Saturday will be broken down into easy to digest segments. Beginning with the basics of how to taste wine you will soon see these experts favour the ‘easy approach’ to getting to know your grapes rather than getting bogged down in history terminology and technical expressions only lofty sommeliers ever use. By the end of the morning you will know all about tannins acidity sweetness and the important role oak can play. You’ll also be au fait with how climate can affect wines. From the rich and chocolatey Shiraz wines from the Barossa Valley in Australia to the cooler hillside terrain where the Chardonnay Gamay and Pinot Noir grapes grow in abundance in France’s Burgundy region. With all those facts swirling around in your head it’s time for a break from your Saturday wine tasting extravaganza for lunch! After a tasty two or three course meal Saturday afternoon continues with a closer look at wine growing regions. Will you be backing the New World wines or the Old World classics? Of course the Loire is steeped in vine growing traditions but many experts believe the vineyards of New Zealand give the French Sauvignon Blanc producers a real run for their money. Perhaps you’re a classic Chianti fan but maybe you’ve not tasted any wines from the lesser known regions of Italy such as Lazio and Umbria? What we love about these Saturday wine courses is that you will travel the world of wine without even leaving your seat. With your professional-standard wine tasting glass in hand take time to discover each vintage that has been specially selected. Savour it appreciate it and just enjoy indulging yourselves in at least 12 different wines. And you don’t have to be a wine buff to enjoy these courses. If you just want to dip your nose into the the domaine of wine appreciation our Saturday wine tasting sessions are suitable for beginners too. Available all year round at venues around the UK treat yourselves to a Saturday day out with a difference and taste your way around some of the best wine-producing areas with a mixture of white and reds on the table for you to enjoy. Now we’ll drink to that!

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