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Wing Walking Experience Lincolnshire

Go on be brave and do a wing walk in Lincolnshire! Whether you step up onto the wing for charity or just for the sheer pleasure of doing something this mad these wing walking experiences will literally take your breath away.You will be taking to the skies to €˜walk’ the wing of a biplane at Wickenby Airfield in Lincolnshire. These events are operated by specialists as offering wing walking to the general public (and indeed going wing walking for charity) is so regulated. Indeed it’s not everywhere in the country you’ll find such an activity so if you’re in the Lincolnshire East Midlands/Midlands and South Yorkshire areas this small airfield midway between Lincoln and Louth is perfectly placed for your first foray into wing walking.Indeed Wickenby is a lovely place for your wing walking display. The original 1940s control tower is still standing and very much in use as a museum and brilliant little cafe. This is very useful information when you find out that you are welcome to invite up 50 (yes 50!) friends and family to come along and watch your wing walk show in Lincolnshire. It means there are good facilities with plenty of parking space to watch the aerial action and cups of tea being freshly brewed at all times.As for what you’ll be doing whilst your perched atop that wing? Well that really depends on your courage. Most newbie wing walkers try a wave or two (which in itself isn’t easy at the high speeds with the wind resistance) whilst those who really take it will be lifting their legs and giving it the thumbs aloft. The sequence you’ll be flying is a real crowd-pleaser too as you do low-level flypasts in front of the control tower and sweeping turns as you wing walk over the Lincolnshire countryside. Utterly thrilling!

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