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Woodland Shooting Combo Leicestershire

Targets sniper action assault missions and arrows – this shooting challenge has all this and more! Groups will love this place. Hidden in the depths of the countryside well away from all civilisation you will be able to run around let off steam and shoot ’em up making as much noise as you like. It’s time to attack! This is an action-packed day out that you will love. Starting at a very civilised 10am there’s no dawn raid here more like a bit of chat and a cuppa as you are introduced to your instructors and listen to that all important safety brief. But that’s when the small talk ends as things start to get competitive from the off with an archery session. Head to the covered outdoor stands take your recurve bow nock your arrow take a breath pull back and release. Who will be the top shooter? Whoever wins will need to keep the good work up to maintain their top of the leader board position as you’ll be moving on to air rifle shooting next. This challenge is a classic that’s in a full metal jacket style as you peek out of the metal bunker staring down the barrel of your bolt-action pre-charged air rifles ready to release the trigger and fire off one of your 30 pellets at the field targets. Once again you’ll be all individually scored to see who’s the hotshot of the gang. Then it’s time for teamwork as you spend a full-on three hours exploring the woodland paintball. A plethora of challenges await including the mission to capture the battle bus storming the enemy on the landing craft assault defending your troop whilst positioned in the bunker of death and resisting capture at the bamboo fort. As you wander through the forest make sure you expect the unexpected. You might come across a convoy of enemy vehicles refuelling and your captain immediately gives the order to immobilise it and prevent it from leaving. Around another corner you may well discover a radar vehicle sending secret communications. Once again this sort of threat to security needs eliminating. We think this intense day that’s packed full with activities offers a superb and varied shooting challenge for all participants. All the ammo is included and if you’re a bit trigger happy on the paintball (500 balls are included) you can always buy more to be able to keep firing those shots at the enemy.

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